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Angels In The Attic

The second album, 'Angels in the Attic' (2021). The working title was 'Private Parts' but when push came to shove 'Angels in the Attic' was cuter and more mysterious, and I lost the vote. The album was recorded in a lockdown period and parts were recorded remotely (hence the working title) in Hanwell, Ladbroke Grove, Paris and Swansea. The single 'Spirit of the Beehive' was released on 25.2.22. Thanks to Hami for the real drums, Paul for the backing vocals on many of the tracks and Tim for everything else. Tim Whelan (Furniture, Transglobal Underground, The Blood Tub Orchestra) and I produced the album. The album was recorded at Outback Studio, West London and Tim's studio in Paris. Tim mixed it. I think he polished it too.

The artwork was all dreamed up by my good friend Paul Battenbough, as always, and very lovely it is too.


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